Moonbirds X BendDAO

Proposal to add Moonbirds to list of NFTs the BendDao provide loans for. Moonbirds meet all of the suggested eligibility requirements.
Question of nesting- can we have smart contract that keeps bird nested through the whole process?

Using Moonbirds as collateral to borrow ETH, the lending protocol needs to transfer the bird from the user’s wallet to the protocol contract.

And according to Moonbirds smart contract code, the transfer is blocked when the bird is nesting.

So if the bird is not nesting, it’s ok to borrow ETH, but if the bird is nesting, it’s impossible to borrow ETH.

Or we can upgrade the lending pool contract to support birds in nesting.

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It is better that you compose a complete proposal based on proposal template. Otherwise, not sure how to push this proposal to voting process on snapshot at next step.

Proposal template for your reference.

Would like to hear more comments from the BendDAO community and moonbirds community.