Adjust the bend token incentive to fit the protocol in the future

** Background **

BendDAO was once a platform focused only on ETH lending, but now we are now multi-assets lending platform,
and we are going to make it multi-chain with different version protocols,so the incentive of bend token on eth is not suitable anymore.

** Motivation **

  • To incentive token better to marketing like new collection listing or new version of protocol or even use points to farm token like other protocols
  • If the ETH borrowing interests is too high, we can have another proposal to lower it by changing other parameters
  • end incentive in 3 weeks
  • end incentive in 4 weeks
  • end incentive in 5 weeks
  • end incentive in 6 weeks
  • No, do not agree on this change

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for those people who want to $bend token in the future, we will have our point system.