Announcement Review - BendDAO the best liquidity protocol for bluechip NFTs with leverages

BendDAO aims to be the best liquidity protocol for bluechip NFTs with leverages. To better understand the new features, all members are welcome to review the announcement and leave your comments! FAQs will be prepared based on your feedback.

Existing borrowers can list the mortgaged NFTs for sale.
Sellers can receive up to 40% of the floor price instantly upon listing for sale.
Buyers can buy bluechip NFTs with down payments.

More details:

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It would be great to have this feature added. We really are the best platform for nfts.


Introducing NFT marketplace, not only enhance bend protocol capturing the NFT trading value, but also improve the NFT auction liquidity on bendDAO. Your web3 data liquidity is what bend protocol is aiming.

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And BendDAO will help users to list NFTs to other marketplaces, Opensea, Looksrare, x2y2 etc, just to make the best liquidity for users.

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