BendDAO 2024 development budgets

** Background **

It has been a long time since BendDAO team has been running as a DAO, and now we are going to make it a more competitive team.
So I would like to apply a budget of 700k USDT and let PirateCode lead the roadmap for BendDAO in the next year with two 6 month budgets.

** Motivation **

Make DAO running more efficient & better execution, the execution will be:

  • Assets not only to ETH, BTC/BTC layer2 and other EVM chains should be included
  • Assets not only NFT blue chips, NFT semi-blue chips and NFT retail assets will be covered
  • Business not only to p2pool lending, p2p lending will be supported
  • Business assets not only NFT lending, FT assets lending will be covered
  • Business not only to assets lending, while we support assets yielding & exchanging, assets issuing may be covered
  • Team need to be grow and hire new people for better protocol development & marketing
  • Yes, agree on this
  • No, do not agree on this

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