BendDAO Anniversary Celebration Event Proposal


After proposing the bendDAO anniversary celebration proposal, I started thinking about how to organize an online event that not only promotes bendDAO, but also has a web3 feel and is consistent with bendDAO’s philosophy.

I considered many options, such as Twitter raffles, gifts, clothing, etc., but felt that either they were too cliché or the anonymity of web3 destroyed the original intention of the event or it was difficult to implement.

Finally, I came up with the idea of a free mint NFT, which I present here for community discussion.

1.1 Event Objectives

The main purpose of the anniversary celebration is to give back to the protocol supporters and serve as a form of promotion.

1.2 Recipients

Based on the data from Dune as of February 10th, 2023.

Vebend 925 325 staked over 100,000 bend.
borrower 552
depositor 1000
LP Provider 135
Bend holders 7637

The main target customers are the top 4 items, and considering some overlap, it is recommended to have around 2000 free mints. This number needs to be further verified.

1.3 Event Plan

1.3.1 Simplified Version

Free mint through flash claim or a new website.

The minted NFT is the BendDAO Anniversary Commemoration 2022-2023.

Each commemorative NFT has a unique number.

Establish a contract where users can deposit their NFTs into the contract to participate in the anniversary lottery event.

Users can transfer and sell their NFTs, but NFTs participating in the lottery cannot be transferred.

1.3.2 Complex version

1.The NFT minted is the BendDAO VIP CARD.

2.The NFT card is classified as follows:

(1) Core team

(2) Budget committee (treasury committee)

(3) 2022-2023 TOP10 borrowers

(4) 2022-2023 TOP10 Lp providers

(5) 2022-2023 TOP10 Vebends

(6) 2022-2023 TOP10 Liquidity providers

(7) Diamond VIP

(8) Platinum VIP

(9) Gold VIP

4.Each card has a number, the type of mint is corresponding to the address, and the same address is minted according to the above priority level, and there is only one NFT.

5.The different types of NFT cards are only used as identity symbols and the level of rights and interests is not divided for the time being.

6.The community has the right to increase the number of NFT cards based on actual needs, once a year, with a total of 9999, the first year releasing 2000 white list addresses, with actual mint xxxx.

7.A contract is established, and users can deposit NFTs into the contract to participate in the anniversary lottery activity.

8.Users can transfer and sell NFTs, and NFTs participating in the lottery cannot be transferred.

1.4 Activity Prizes

1.4.1 Apply for BendDAO Treasury’s Q1 Marketing Budget of 30,000 U

First Prize 3000 U 1 person

Second Prize 2000 U 3 people

Third Prize 1000 U 11 people

Consolation Prize 100 U 100 people Total 30,000 U

1.4.2 During the pre-launch, communicate with the NFT community to see if there are any community members willing to provide some NFTs as sponsorship prizes, which will be considered by the team to be added to the prize pool.

1.5 Clear Activity Time

1.5.1 Preparation Period:

Contact NFT makers to determine production plans, timing, and costs

Contact TOP10 to see if they have a preferred NFT authorized character design to use

Determine the snapshot time and number of whitelisted addresses and corresponding NFT quantities

Prepare free mint related code and audit

1.5.2 Pre-launch Period:

Annual event promotion and community voting

1.5.3 Ignition Period:

Conduct minting and lottery during the anniversary celebration

1.5.4 Ending Period:

Summarize the event, compile expenses, and announce to the community

1.6 Activity Budget

NFT production cost

Prize cost

Mint web development cost


1.Minting NFT may not be suitable for BendDAO, as BendDAO needs to focus on providing good liquidity solutions for the NFT market.

2.There is no plan for continuous empowerment for Mint’s NFT, and there is a possibility of a surge or collapse in value before and after the lottery, causing investment losses for people who do not understand the original purpose of the activity.

This is a suggestion for the anniversary event, helping to establish the governance identity of the community. While celebrating BendDAO’s one-year online, it returns benefits to the community members who have long-term support.

Hope BendDAO will get better and better.

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