BIP #19 Establishing a long-term mechanism for withdrawing unusual assets from BendDAO contracts

中文版: BIP #19 建立从BendDAO合约中提取异常资产的长效机制 — NFTLZ.ETH

This proposal was written to explain to the community the impact of this proposal on the protocol and to ask community members to vote on the proposal once they fully understand its content.

BIP: #19

Title: Establishing a long-term mechanism for withdrawing unusual assets from BendDAO contracts


BIP by: NFTLZ.ETH#0717

Created: 2023-02-08

Status: Community Review

BIP Editor: NFTLZ.ETH#0717(**@**defiandnft)


Discord user @ku ,ETH address 0xb6126aF43b52eBD59aFA0be472649035a0Df6Da7, locked part of ApeCoin to the BENDDAO contract after the following operation:

  1. Deposit MAYC#8325+BAKC#5050+856 ApeCoin tokens into the official pool for staking.

  2. Deposit MAYC#8325 into BendDAO for pair staking.

  3. Remove staking in the official pool,856 ApeCoin tokens are returned to the address of MAYC#8325, i.e. BendDAO’s Bound NFT MAYC (boundMAYC) contract, ETH address: 0x69f37e419bD1457d2a25ed3f5d418169caAe8D1F.

The following transactions were found by examining the Bound NFT MAYC (boundMAYC) contract address:
Txn Hash:0x20a19528b3662e74138915735da4dc37898f723aebdfbd8b0f68da7c5c25d8c1

A Withdraw BAKC request was initiated by 0xb6126aF43b52eBD59aFA0be472649035a0Df6Da7 to the ApeCoin: Staking contract.

In the transaction details, 856 ApeCoin tokens were transferred to the Bound NFT MAYC (boundMAYC) contract.

This proves that the ownership of the 856 ApeCoin tokens is owned by 0xb6126af43b52ebd59afa0be472649035a0df6da7.

Discord user Anymose.eth#0976 , ETH address 0x9102Eec568eC0CC62F43cEc5Ed939d8D7C8a345E , locked two OOC NFT in the BENDDAO contract.

Txn Hash:0x0736489e16846639d6fee11c89930008d57a9b1fbb203ce92d117e85aeb030f9

The above user requested community help to withdraw the assets locked due to abnormal operation.

There were other transfers of assets to:




Establishing a long-lasting mechanism for withdrawing unusual assets from BendDAO contracts is now available in two ways:

  1. Each unusual asset withdrawal needs to pass through the community governance process.
  2. Authorize the team, through a single governance vote, to make direct withdrawals in the event of future requests for unusual asset withdrawals.

Risk Analysis

Typically, the contract codes limit the contract and do not allow anyone to take control of the contract and transfer the assets in the contract(Except for normal interaction with contracts).

How other protocols are handled: For assets transferred into the contract by non-normal operations, the assets cannot be withdrawn because no one has operational rights to the contract.

Due to the nature of NFT assets, the developers of the BendDAO protocol anticipated at the beginning of the deployment of the contract that there might be assets transferred directly into the contract in the future, so at the code level, the withdrawal of assets (other than the underlying NFT) from the contract was reserved.

The withdrawal of unusual assets will be performed on contracts that store the following NFTs:



Due to the limitation of the contract, it is impossible to perform any operation on the NFT in the contract, so the withdrawal of unusual assets will not pose a threat to the BAYC,MAYC in the contract.

However, since the above contract is the contract that is used for storing user assets in the BendDAO protocol, any manipulation of this contract may have an impact on BendDAO’s reputation in the future.

Since the team operated on the contract, in the future, one cannot rule out using this as an excuse to criticize the BendDAO protocol by arguing that the team can transfer the assets within the contract.


  • Option 1: Every time through the community governance process.
  • Option 2: Authorize the team to perform all future withdrawal operations.
  • Option 3: Objection to the operation of the contract.

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