BIP#28-1: To adjust the requirement of the 30-day average floor price

Title: To adjust the requirement of the 30-day average floor price
BIP by: Hill |
Idea Record: Discord
Status: Re-submit BIP


In the weeks leading up to November, the NFT market has witnessed a consistent upward trajectory in weekly sales. Notably, Disney’s announcement on November 14th to tokenize its iconic cartoon characters from the past century onto its NFT marketplace, Disney Pinnacle, marks a new industry milestone. This development, among others, signals that the worst of the NFT bear market, induced by a post-boom hangover, is behind us. The market is now pivoting towards a recovery phase.

Given these encouraging market trends, it’s time to reconsidering BIP#28 which was proposed to adjust the bluechip NFT eligibility requirements, specifically the collection’s 30-day average floor price criterion.


User Growth: By revising the requirements, BendDAO can include a broader range of NFT collections as eligible collateral. This inclusivity will potentially attract more users, diversifying and strengthening the user base.

Increased Brand Awareness in the NFT Market: Expanding eligible NFT collection portfolio positions BendDAO as a dynamic and responsive platform in the NFT space. This adaptability enhances our brand image, aligning BendDAO with the evolving trends and user interests in the market.

Adjusting the bluechip NFT eligibility requirements is a strategic move that aligns with current market trends and positions BendDAO for increased user engagement and brand awareness in the evolving NFT landscape.

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  • To lower to 7 ETH
  • To lower to 5 ETH
  • To keep the current requirement (10 ETH)
  • To remove the floor price limit

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I recommend also to add an additional criteria around peer-to-peer market APR. Let the market decide which collections are safe and which are not. In general, as a collection floor price becomes less volatile the market will charge a lower APR that is say below 20%.

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this nice idea. Market always changing

lowering the criteria to 5 eth will definitelly acttract some users coming to use BendDAO

Good idea !!