BIP #35: Formation of BendDAO Treasury Execution Committee

BIP: #35

Title: Formation of BendDAO Treasury Execution Committee

Idea(BRC): Discord

BIP by: NFTLZ.ETH#0717

Created: 2023-06-28

Status: Community Review

BIP Editor: NFTLZ.ETH#0717(**@**defiandnft)


Since its launch, BENDDAO has been committed to decentralized governance, with the community leading the development of the protocol. As the protocol develops, the income of the treasury has been steadily increasing, and how to make good use of the treasury funds to serve the protocol has always been a hot topic of discussion in the community.

In addition to the BEND token, other assets in the BendDAO treasury include:


Since the establishment of the BendDAO protocol, the development team has not only ensured the security of the protocol and the iteration of the product, but also needs to carry out market operations. In order to improve the efficiency of decentralized governance, enhance the market operation ability of the protocol, and accelerate the development progress of the product, it is suggested to establish a treasury committee.


Led by the BendDAO development team, the first Treasury Committee was established to primarily oversee the review and approval of treasury expenditures.


Basic Information

Name: Members of the BendDAO Treasury Committee

Number of members: 5

Selection method

As this is the first Treasury Committee, it is suggested that 3 members from the development team and 2 members from the community serve as members of the Treasury Committee. In the future, the power of the Treasury will gradually be transferred to the community.

Community members who are interested in serving on the Treasury Committee, please submit your application to the development team member ****Hill | on the BendDAO Discord channel.

Members who have passed the initial selection process will appear on a dedicated page for the Treasury Committee selection on Discord, where community members with specific roles will conduct a Discord vote.

After the Discord vote is completed, those who rank high in the number of votes will enter the snapshot vote.

After the establishment of the Treasury Committee, a series of rules and systems related to the Treasury will be formulated and submitted to the community for voting. Only after obtaining authorization from the community can the corresponding execution power be obtained.


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A big step to decentralization, LFG.

Will these funds also be transferred to a multi-sig controlled by this Treasury Committee?

yes,The treasury will be controlled by the multi-signature address of the treasury board members.

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The fund won’t be transferred, the multi-sig owner will be transferred.