BIP#36: Adding DeGods to BendDAO

DeGods currently does not qualify for the criteria to be listed on BendDAO but they are clearly a strong collection and considered a blue chip by many.

I am suggesting we make an exception to the eligibility of NFTs that are qualified to be listed on BendDAO by allowing DeGods to be traded and used as collateral exactly the same way that MAYC currently is.

  • Add DeGods
  • Do not add DeGods

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Are we allowed to do this based on our governance framework? Wouldn’t we have to first vote to edit the blue-chip definition/criteria?

I’m in favor of adding DeGods as collateral and don’t agree with the blue-chip definition as it is today. But think others (like @PirateCode) are strongly in favor of the current blue-chip framework.

I won’t do any voting in this proposal, but I suggestion to follow the rule, change rule to include DeGod or wait DeGod to fits the rule, rule won’t make any sense if we do many exceptions.

But as always, community vote and BendDAO is community driven.

Any proposal and voting are welcomed, respect builders.

Strongly agree that if we are to include new collections, the blue chip definition needs to be redefined instead of ad-hoc overrides.