BIP#41: NFT Collection Re-evaluation Trigger

For the sustained health of BendDAO, it is crucial to evaluate and, if necessary, offboard collections that no longer meet the bluechip NFT eligible requirements. The proposed trigger: 30-day Floor Price. The re-evaluation will be activated based on a predetermined floor price, signaling that the collection may no longer be a bluechip. Suggested Trigger: 30-day Floor Price below X(1, 2, 3) ETH

  • Collection Freeze: Once the offboarding plan is triggered, the affected collection will be frozen, preventing the initiation of any new loans against it.
  • Adjusted Liquidation Threshold: The liquidation threshold for any existing loans concerning this collection will be lowered to a defined percentage, ensuring reduced exposure to risk.

Reference of Bluechip NFT Eligible Requirements: Bluechip NFT Eligibility Requirements - Portal

  • 30d Floor Price < 1 ETH
  • 30d Floor Price < 2 ETH
  • 30d Floor Price < 3 ETH
  • No trigger is needed.

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For the word “Re-evaluation”, I would like to use the term “Delisting” which is more accurate and is symmetric to “Listing”.

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I agree with that.

Any lending protocol should have delist function to avoid bad debt before the consensus of assets go to 0.