BIP #45 Incentivize USDT pools

BIP: #45

Title: Incentivize USDT Pools
BIP by: 0xAlton
Created: 2023-11-18
Status: Community Vote
BIP Editor: 0xAlton


We have witnessed a general recovery of crypto and NFT markets. DAO Treasury needs to raise more funds for future protocol growth. At the same time it is rather evident that the USD stablecoin loan market across peer-to-peer markets remain underserved relative to the ETH loan market.


It might be an opportune time to achieve a combination of the following:

  1. Split existing BEND token emissions between ETH and USDT pools
  2. Position BEND as the best USD stablecoin deposit and lending rate in the NFT market
  3. Increase DAO Treasury protocol income via USDT pool proceeds


  • 75% incentives to ETH pool + 25% incentives to USDT pool
  • 50% incentives to ETH pool + 50% incentives to USDT pool
  • 100% incentives to ETH pool + 0% incentives to USDT pool

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