BIP#5 - Add Space Doodles as Collateral

Space Doodles are NFT that wraps Doodles - holders transfer a Doodle in and get a Space Doodle out. At any time holders are only allowed to hold a Doodle or a Space Doodle, never both.

Space Doodles OpenSea:
Space Doodles Docs: Space Doodles Documentation

This proposal is to add Space Doodles as collateral on BendDAO. Doodles collection is one of the supported collections on BendDAO. Space Doodles is wrapped Doodles which should be considered as Doodles as well.

The amount to borrow of Space Doodles will be 30% of the Floor Price.

The support of Space Doodles will bring Doodles and BendDAO communities closer. BendDAO stays with NFT communities and the FlashClaim will support Doodles airdrop on May 12th.

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space doodles is the missing collection by benddao team, we should have dive into doodle community to support it at the same time with doodle, this is the chance we should fix it.