BIP#61: Funding for BendDAO V2 Audit

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This proposal seeks approval for a budget to cover the costs associated with the security audit of BendDAO V2. Ensuring the security and integrity of our protocol is paramount, and a thorough audit by a reputable firm, Code4rena, will help identify and mitigate any potential vulnerabilities.


BendDAO V2 is a newly developed protocol with complex functionalities and innovative feature designs, such as NFT staking and customized pools. As BendDAO prepares to launch V2, it is crucial to undergo a comprehensive audit to ensure the robustness and security of the new version.

Proposed Budget

The estimated cost for the audit is $80,000. This budget covers:

  • Audit fees for Code4rena

The current bug bounty on Immunefi will also include the V2 features.

  • Support
  • Not support

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