[Draft] BendDAO Becoming an Official Boring Security DAO Supporter

*This is the formal Draft from the Idea submission in the Discord

Whenever we get funding or someone buys our Supporter NFT, they are added to this on-chain Supporter Wall!

Background: Hello BendDAO community, been a Day 1 staker and Boring Security is looking for the support of other DAOs and projects in our community to increase our reach and spread the message of Web3 Security and Safety. We are looking to acquire an allocation of $Bend to the tune of 2,500,000 tokens (less than $10k at the time of writing) and use the staking rewards to make a singular promise:

Boring Security has a community of almost 2000 Alumni, and is growing tremendously everyday (BSec Alumni Over time). We’d like BendDAO to support us in our mission, and get a prominent front-page display as one of those supporters through our Supporter NFT Program.

Motivation: We believe NFT Lending and autocompounding Staking will be part of Web3 going forward, and we want to make sure that we cover it in our security content, and keep users up to date on how to stay safe doing it!

Benefits: Users can get piece of mind from a trusted source on NFT Lending, and Boring Security’s commitment to end-user security means that we won’t miss a beat when it comes to covering the newest primitives in the NFT-Lending market. But more specifically we:

  • Commit to doing partner classes and giving free live classes to the BendDAO community
  • Bend community will be able to do a Show and Tell with the BSec community (average 200+ attendees and custom POAP
  • Article written about NFT Lending Securely
  • Featuring BendDAO -DNS Monitoring via our Scam Sniffer tool at our top tier of reporting.
  • Official Brand alignment between DAOs! As an official supporter, BendDAO and Boring Security DAO will share a shared mission: Keep Web3 safe for all.

Risks: Potential Risks would be that Boring Security sullies their good name and gets hacked and become the laughing stock of Web3. Yikes!


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