How to get my nft back from the boundMAYC contract?


  • staked bayc on bendDAO (then the “holder wallet” changed to mayc.benddao.eth) couple days ago;
  • minted OOC NFT using ERC721W today;
  • OOC NFT was send to boundMAYC walletdirectly but not my original wallet.
  • wanna get back my nft to my own wallet.


  • open ticket in discrod


  • suggest to make a proposal in the forum, and let community to discuss and voting

the nfts only worth 0.1eth when i minted, is anyother way to simply get it back? I think there is an easy mistake here, users may not notice the holder changed after staking bayc (well, maybe it’s just me).

I understand that this is a multi-signature wallet, and it will be troublesome to withdraw assets, but I checked the address and it seems that I am the only one who made the mistake.

So in theory this is very easy to tell, so is it easier to deal with?

Of course, I am willing to abide by the rules of the community and handle it according to the community process. After all, it is my own mistake. I want to use this incident to remind the team that there may be similar incidents happening again, this is not considered a bug, but please take this into consideration if possible.

I’d also like to hear what other members of the community have to say about this issue. Just a handful of assets, but hopefully it will hold its own meaning.



Team can’t use the multi-sig to handle any assets in BoundNFT without community vote, and it’s used for airdrop from bluechips to distributed to the BoundNFT holders, not for people’s mistaken.

DM me in discord. @NFTLZ.ETH