Liquidation w/out Warning: Competitor Marketing Campaign

Hello BendDAO community,

My name is Mark Graziano. As of a couple weeks ago, I logged in to my computer to find that I had lost a rare CloneX to a liquidation on ParaSpace. I ask for your patience and compassion as I explain what has happened in further details.

  1. When I logged in to ParaSpace to check my position, the CloneX was gone and there was no record of what had happened. There are no notifications that explain what happened during the liquidation. Even to this day, when I log in to my wallet on ParaSpace, there is no proof of history or that the liquidation even happened. The ParaSpace team has argued that their testing environment says all the warnings were working properly during the time of the liquidation, yet I never saw any warning that my loan was close to liquidation, and there’s no record showing I was warned or had any warning on my account.

  2. The second issue that I have brought to mind is that their website says that they will liquidate ERC-20 tokens before they liquidate ERC-721. I looked deeper into the details of their educational content regarding this matter. It states that you need to have WETH available in your wallet connected to the ParaSpace website. During the time that my loan was being liquidated I was holding enough weth (.44weth) in my wallet connected to the ParaSpace website to avoid the liquidation. Even though I had .44weth in my wallet connected to the site, the liquidation still occurred without liquidating the ERC-20 tokens first.


  1. Negotiate a deal to get CloneX #11546 back from its current owner @Kasonomics/@TheRealNomics


  1. Use treasury funds (3.5e) to build a competitor marketing campaign that explains why ParaSpace shouldn’t be used to borrow money. Our campaign would lead with the idea that 24hr liquidation protection is necessary for a healthy DeFi lending protocol, and proper educational materials should be made available to the user. We will use my story of losing the clone to a ParaSpace liquidation as the focal point of the campaign. The idea is to use my story of losing the clone to create content that will be used to educate DeFi users about the risks associated with borrowing from ParaSpace. In return, this will generate new business for BendDAO.

If you’re interested in viewing my work history you can connect with me on LinkedIn by searching “Mark Graziano II”. I have a marketing degree from the University of South Carolina, and have been the digital marketing manager for several companies across different verticals. I have 10+ years experience working with companies big and small to build their online presence through digital marketing and programmatic advertising. I’m happy to answer any questions.

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