Meeting Minutes on BIP #54 Implementation Plan

Meeting Minutes on BIP#54 Implementation Plan (Week#9 2024)

Meeting Background

The community has approved the proposal BIP #54 BendDAO 2024 development budgets.

The BendDAO development team organized meetings to discuss the specific execution plan according to this proposal, reaching a unified consensus:

First meeting: February 29, 2024, 3:00 - 4:00 pm HKT
This was an internal team meeting, with participants: @PirateCodeWeb3, @crylipto, and all development personnel.

Second meeting: March 1, 2024, 6:00 – 7:00 pm HKT
This was a community meeting for the Treasury Execution Committee, with participants: @PirateCodeWeb3, @crylipto, and all committee members.

Meeting Conclusions

After thorough discussions in the two meetings, the team reached the following consensus:

  • BendDAO will allocate team resources to continue building V2 and subsequent product innovations in the ETH ecosystem, with V2 currently entering the audit preparation stage.
  • Another part of the team resources will be used to deploy on the BTC Layer 2 network, based on the V2 design.
  • The operations and development of BTC Layer 2 need to be accelerated in parallel.
  • Out of the budget requested by BIP #54, $350,000 has been allocated to an independent 4/7 multi-sig wallet for product development and related operations in the BTC ecosystem; the remaining funds have been placed in the existing 3/5 multi-sig wallet to continue supporting product development and related operations in the ETH ecosystem. Both wallets are managed by the community execution committee, which will oversee and audit each expenditure.

ETH Ecosystem

  • The maintenance of existing V1 products, including oracles, servers, etc.
  • Development of the V2 lending protocol, supporting mixed accounts and isolated mode, supporting FT & NFT.
  • V2 supports features like blue-chip NFT Staking, ReStaking, etc.

BTC Ecosystem

  • Cross-chain for BRC20 & Bitcoin NFT and other assets.
  • Deployment of V1 and V2 lending protocols in the BTC L2 network, supporting lending of BTC assets.
  • Maintenance of V1 and V2 lending protocols in the BTC L2 network, including oracles, servers, etc.

2024 Week#9 关于BIP#54具体执行计划的会议纪要


社区投票已经同意提案BIP #54 BendDAO 2024 development budgets


第一次会议:2024年2月29日 3:00 - 4:00pm HKT
该会议为团队内部会议,参与人:@PirateCodeWeb3, @crylipto,及全体开发人员。

第二次会议:2024年3月1日 6:00 – 7:00pm HKT
该会议为国库执行委员会社区会议,参与人:@PirateCodeWeb3, @crylipto,及全体委员会人员。



  • BendDAO将会分配团队资源继续在ETH生态构建V2以及后续产品创新,目前V2已经进入审计准备阶段。
  • 另外一部分团队资源同时基于目前构建的V2为基础在BTC Layer 2网络上做部署。
  • BTC Layer 2的运营和开发需要并行加速发展。
  • BIP#54申请的预算,其中35万USD已经分配在独立的7-4多签钱包,用于BTC生态的产品开发和相关运营;剩余资金放入既有的5-3多签钱包,继续用于支持ETH生态的产品开发和相关运营。两个钱包都属于社区执行委员会管理,由委员会对各项支出进行监督审计。


  • 现有V1产品的运营和维护,包括预言机、服务器等。
  • 开发V2借贷协议,支持混合账户和隔离模式,支持FT&NFT。
  • V2支持蓝筹NFT Staking、ReStaking等特性。

BTC 生态

  • BRC20 & Bitcoin NFT 等资产的跨链。
  • 在BTC L2网络部署 V1和V2 借贷协议,支持BTC 资产的借贷。
  • V1和V2借贷协议在BTC L2网络的运营和维护,包括预言机、服务器等。
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