New business model for joint purchase of small and medium-sized blue chips

The business model of relying on top-level blue-chip lending is too limited. Why not develop a business model of small and medium-sized blue-chip NFT? Top blue-chip lending benchmarks against top giant whales, and small and medium-sized blue chips can cover various nft enthusiasts to increase profit opportunities. Drawing on the fragmented model of nft, when a user cannot purchase nft in full, the business model of joint purchase with another player is more friendly to the people, thereby increasing profitability. Leaving aside the details, technically, an official public wallet is established, and the NFT jointly purchased by two buyers is stored in it, and the official authorization is granted. This is another way to realize fragmentation.


Hey @leoliuchenhu , this is a nice idea with the concept of NFT Fractionalisation. However, I think BendDAO’s competitive advantage and brand positioning is one of a NFT lending model rather than a marketplace for now.

This will likely be a diversification in the business Perhaps do you have any parameters/frameworks in mind reg this?

Yes, I think only by opening up the market and innovating can bendDao develop. The traditional nft lending profit model only relies on top nft, which has limited benefits and great risks. What I call nft sharding:
A and B decide to make a joint purchase—pay to bendDao’s official wallet——the official wallet will purchase on their behalf and charge a handling fee from it. This model is also a loan in essence, but the borrower has changed from a single user A in the traditional model to two, that is, A and B borrow together.
Once this model matures, it will work for any nft