Proposal for Comprehensive Dashboards on Dune

Title: Proposal for Comprehensive Dashboards on Dune
Idea(BRC): Discord

BIP by: sharptraderx
Created: 2023-12-24

Hi BendDAO community,


I am a blockchain data analyst and trader with over 2 years of professional experience in the cryptocurrency industry.


I’ve noticed BendDAO already has several dashboards on Dune.
However, with the recent engine change, many existing queries on sparksql or postgresql have become obsolete.
Several tables and datasets have been moved or removed, making older dashboards on deprecated engines unsearchable.


I propose joining the BendDAO team on Dune not just to replace the old queries but to build everything from scratch using the DuneSQL engine.
I can create and manage more branded and polished dashboards from the ground up.
The BendDAO team can utilize the Dune API to incorporate tables and charts directly onto the site.

I believe creating and maintaining these dashboards will significantly benefit the community by providing valuable insights.

Task : Create a comprehensive dashboard [Overall Stats] and maintaining all other dashboards on the BendDAO dune team [Treasury, APE Staking, NFT Market Overview]
Duration : 2 week
:money_with_wings: : 1400$

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