Proposal Rules and Guidelines

This section is designated for the final versions of proposals which have been previously discussed in the Discord, or the general forum. Any other proposals will be deleted. Based on the feedback from the community, a Snapshot vote can be called.


  • Include a BIP (BendDAO Improvement Proposal) number in the post title.
  • Add a poll option in your proposal.
  • Start a discussion in Discord, or General Forum prior to posting a proposal.
  • Be ready to engage with the community e.g. by answering their replies, addressing their concerns.

Criteria for a Snapshot Vote

  • The proposal should be live for at least one day.
  • The proposal should receive at least three posts from different members to ensure sufficient engagement.
  • The author should indicate clearly when the Snapshot vote shall commence (see the Template section below).


A simple description of the proposal’s end result and desired change; should be no more than a few succinct sentences.

Explain why this proposal is necessary or useful for the protocol. The author is encouraged to add visual elements such as charts to support their arguments.

Lay out your proposal - explain how it is going to tackle the issue at hand and present the action items.

** Period **
The polling process begins now and will end at HH:MM UTC on YYYY-MM-DD. After this, a Snapshot vote will be put up at HH:MM UTC on YYYY-MM-DD.

** Poll **
For: Action taken if this proposal is accepted.
Against: Action taken if this proposal is rejected.

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