Proposal to Restore the Trading Fee for the Blue-Chip NFT Market

Title: Proposal to Restore the Trading Fee for the Blue-Chip NFT Market

Idea(BRC): Discord

BIP by: NFTLZ.ETH#0717

Created: 2023-12-10

Status: Community Review

BIP Editor: NFTLZ.ETH#0717(**@**defiandnft)


In an effort to supplement national treasury funds, a proposal was initiated on Discord suggesting the reinstatement of transaction fees in the BendDAO blue-chip NFT market. This idea, as introduced on the platform, encompasses an overview of the functionalities of the BendDAO blue-chip NFT trading market, its initial transaction fee structure, and the allocation of these fees. The proposal has successfully garnered 10 PASS votes and has now progressed to the second phase, involving forum discussions.


The proposal aims to adjust the transaction fees in the BendDAO blue-chip NFT market as follows:

  • For installment purchases: a fee range of 0-1%.
  • For full-payment purchases: a fee range of 0.5-2%.

It is crucial to note that the transaction royalties will remain as is, without any changes.

The revenue generated from these transaction fees is proposed to be exclusively used for replenishing the national treasury funds. This strategic move is intended to strengthen the fiscal health and sustainability of the national treasury, ensuring its efficient and stable operation in the long term.





  • 首付购买的交易手续费率调整为0%至1%。
  • 全款购买的交易手续费率调整为0.5%至2%。




  • down-payment:0%,full-payment:1%
  • down-payment:1%,full-payment:2%

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