Statement on Protective Registration of BendEarn Series Domain Names

Vis.eth as a member of the BendDAO community has protectively registered some of the main domain names of the “BendEarn” keyword, and now declares that these domain names will immediately be donated to the BendDAO community free of charge. The ownership and management rights follow the relevant rules of the BendDAO community. After the BendDAO community passes the relevant proposal, Vis.eth will complete the domain name transfer within 72 hours. These domain names include: BendEarn. com/. net/. org/. xyz/. info/. finance and and BendEarn.eth, a total of 8 domain names.
-Vis.eth Sep.29 2022


This is great, sir, however I think the most important priority for growing bentdao than ever is fundraising. With all due respect, I ask you to preside over the new vote and discussion so that the bentdao protocol can be developed and expanded, Since the potential of the NFT lending market is huge and what we working is still very small, below is the article related to real estate via NFT that was posted yesterday. And we can completely expand into this area with markets like decentraland and sandbox,…No matter what NFTs are valuable in the future … Readers can refer to more at

Sorry for my poor English, so if I can’t express it clearly, please forgive me.

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Domains have been transferred to the treasury wallet address and administrator of BendDAO, include: bendearn.eth,,

Thanks for your suggestion but I personal don’t think we need another domain for BendDAO.

BendDAO will make sure that every NFT holders in BendDAO won’t miss equity by flashclaim, it’s our job to do it, no need to make more new word and website or branding, apes users will find the staking in flashclaim dashboard, we will design and make it in BendDAO.

I think we should focus more on liquidity for web3 data, not earning. But anyway, community members have freedom to invent any word by themselves.